Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oliver's Birthday at Boo at the Zoo

Oliver turns two today! My mother-in-law, Colleen, had gotten Oliver a zoo pass for his birthday, so we decided to take him to Boo at the Zoo. We met both sets of grandparents at Starbucks, one of Oliver's favorite places. He got milk, we got coffee, and my mom brought homemade monkey cupcakes!

We arrived at the Denver Zoo, where a clown greeted Oliver with bubbles.

Oliver discovered the peacocks wandering the zoo almost immediately. He loved them! He giggled and laughed when they jumped down a stairwell, and he asked them to do it "more."

Oliver discovered the art of trick-or-treating. He doesn't recognize candy and didn't know what he got in his bag, but he enjoyed holding it out and trying to say, "Trick or treat." I'm glad he got practice in for tomorrow. Here he is with his first trick-or-treat goody of the year:

We found an owl demonstration. Oliver loved the owl, too!

Grandma Colleen carried Oliver for a while. She showed him the lights that were strung in preparation for Zoo Lights.

Here's my happy, little birthday monkey:

We discovered a train that ran through the zoo! It wasn't free for those of us three and older, but we sprung for the $1.50 to ride, anyway. Oliver did a great job waiting in line for the 20 minutes. After the train ride, he didn't want to leave, but he didn't protest too much. I was proud of him for not throwing a tantrum.

I'm pretty sure Oliver enjoyed his birthday. There were moments when he was a little overwhelmed, but the smiles and laughter far outweighed the tears. Happy second birthday to my amazing son, Oliver!

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