Thursday, October 13, 2011

Music Class

Oliver has begun to thrive in music class. For the first time today, he walked into class on his own. It helped that I'd reminded him of all the fun things he gets to do in class. I'd said, "We're going to music class! You remember music class, where you get to play with the drums and maracas? And you get to listen to the song, "Watch out for the--FREEZE?"

He went in (only slightly hesitantly), and he didn't cry during any of the guitar parts. While he didn't participate in a number of songs, he did shake the maracas, throw the Wiffle balls onto the parachute, and help with all of the clean up (his favorite part). I left class feeling confident that I wanted to take it again with Oliver. It's really helping him be more social and cooperative with others.

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