Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Glimpse at the Terrible Twos

I'm really starting to get what makes the Terrible Twos so terrible. If your child hasn't entered this stage yet, allow me to give you a glimpse into a morning with a two year old:

Oliver: I want banana.

Me: What do you say?

Oliver: Please.

Me: OK, you may have a banana. (Peels banana)

Oliver: No banana!

Me: OK, no banana.

Oliver: *cries* banana!

Me: You want a banana?

Oliver: No banana!

Me: Fine. No banana.

Oliver: *cries* I want bananas!

Me: What do you say?

Oliver: No!

Me: Say please.

Oliver: No! No bananas!

Me: OK. All done. No bananas. (I put the peeled banana on the table)

Oliver: Bananas! Banana!

Me: Oliver, would you like a banana?

Oliver: No!

Me: OK, well, I'm going to put this banana on the chair with your water. You can eat it if you want to.

Oliver: *cries* No bananas!

Me: (I walk away. I start to write this blog as Oliver contemplates eating the banana).

Oliver: (Oliver takes the banana and sits on a chair). I want banana.

Me: You can eat it if you want to.

Oliver: No banana! (He throws the banana)

Me: OK, that's it. You're getting a time out. (I put Oliver in time out for a minute). You got a time out for yelling and throwing your food. You cannot throw food. No throwing food.

Oliver: (takes a bite of the banana, looks at it, and throws it. It breaks in two). *cries* Mommy, fix it! Mommy, fix it!

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