Wednesday, March 7, 2012

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 69: Shadow Puppets

I few weeks ago, I'd made some shadow puppets for my Pinterest Challenge. The other night, we finally got around to putting them to use! I apologize for the photos. When I kept the flash off, the images were very blurry. When I put the flash on, it lit up the wall so you can't see the shadows on the wall!

Oliver was interested in the shadow puppets, but he couldn't quite grasp how to make them work himself. He saw the shadows on the wall (we just turned the lamp on in our bedroom at night. We didn't need to move it or anything). He wanted to do it himself, so he took the puppets and put them on the wall, like this:

So, the shadow puppets didn't really worked out like I hoped, but he still had fun. Here's one of the images that actually turned out OK:

Oliver then wanted to grab the puppets, so Andrew tried to hide them behind the pillows. There really was a shadow on the wall (lol!), you just can't tell because I used the flash:

It was fun for Oliver, but the fun didn't last long. Plus, all he wanted to do was grab all the puppets out of our hands and put them on the wall. I decided to save these and take them out again in a few months when maybe the whole thing will work out a little better. I'm pretty neutral on this activity. It took a decent amount of time to make those puppets because of all the cutting, but it was cheap to do. I guess I'll give this a C+, but I think this activity will be worthy of a higher grade when Oliver is older.

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