Saturday, October 13, 2012

Georgetown Loop Pumpkin Festival

Last weekend, took the Georgetown Loop to check out their annual Pumpkin Festival. The Georgetown Loop is a train that runs from the town of Georgetown to the town of Silver Plume. It used to be a mining route, but now the train runs for tourists and sight-seeing. It's only a couple miles long, but the elevation climbs by thousands of feet. To make it up the elevation, it has to spiral, or loop.

The Pumpkin Fest ran all last weekend and will be running this weekend. We almost went last year but were scared off by the price tag. This year, we decided to bite the bullet and go. Oliver loves trains, and so we thought it could be worth it. Children under 3 ride for free if they sit on an adult's lap, so both of our kids were free. Andrew and I each had to pay $25.50 a piece!

I wasn't sure if it would be worth the cost, but I have to admit that it really did. We had a great time.

We left the station out of Georgetown. I recommend leaving out of Silver Plume for the Pumpkin Festival because the Festival is actually at the Georgetown station (Devil's Gate). It would have been a little nicer to ride the train to Georgetown, enjoy the festival, and then ride it back to Silver Plume. Instead, We rode the train to Silver Plume (approximately 30 minutes), picked up passengers there, and then rode back for the 30 minutes back to Georgetown. Thankfully, the kids loved the train and were able to hang out in the train car for the full hour.

We bundled up because it was pretty cold outside. We expected the train to be cold since we didn't pay extra for the first class car. Thankfully, they added windows to the coach car and ran heat inside, keeping the train plenty warm.

Andrew and Oliver exited the train at Silver Plume to stretch and check out the engine. Then, we got back on and headed straight back to Georgetown.

Some photos from the way back:

Oliver loved looking out at the scenery from the train.

Here are the kiddos with Grandma Colleen:

When we got back to Georgetown, we enjoyed the Pumpkin Fest. The festival is free to everyone who had a ticket for the train, and every kid got to choose a pumpkin.

The kids walked through an actual maze of hay. Oliver associates hay with chickens (I guess he learned something from the Denver County Fair!) and kept looking for the chickens. At various stops in the maze, the kids could play simple games, like bean bag toss, and get their faces painted.

They'd erected a bouncy castle at the end of the maze. Imagine my surprise when Oliver actually decided to go in! He wouldn't stand and jump, but he bounced around on his knees a bit and had a good time.

The cost of riding the train is definitely expensive, but our kids genuinely had a good time. In fact, it was so much fun that we've been talking about riding the train again during the Christmas season. Rumor has it that Santa and his helpers ride the Georgetown Loop train beginning November 17!

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