Friday, October 26, 2012

Kids Say the Darnedest Things: Halloween Edition

The kids and I went to a nursing home with MOMS Club today to do some trick-or-treating from the memory patients (those with dementia and Alzheimer's and such). I dressed Oliver up as a fireman, and we practiced saying, "Trick or treat!" before we left.

It went pretty well. Most of the elderly people were sweet and overjoyed to see the kids. One insisted on eating her candy herself, and another just pretended to put candy into the kids' baskets. The kids were all great! None of them got upset when one of the candy givers was a little slow or confused. Oliver, who is normally painfully shy around others, got very confident in the presence of candy. He walked up to each person there and said, "Trick or treat!" It was a fun morning out.

Well, we're back home now, and the kids are playing together. Jo sometimes shrieks at Oliver if he doesn't let her play with the toy she wants. Oliver keeps scolding her by saying, "Hey! Be nice to the fireman!"

Here are some pictures from our day out.
Joanna was pretty miffed about wearing the hat part of her dog costume (she was the fire dog).

Oliver wasn't very happy about dressing up until I showed him old photos of himself on the fire truck at the children's museum. I think the promise of candy helped, too. Yes, he learned what candy is today.

Here's my trick-or-treat-er in action!

Another little girl, Claire, who is about Jo's age was very interested in handing out her candy to everyone else. Jo was very interested in taking it. Here she is checking out her lollipop.

All the kids!

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