Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

It's official! Oliver is pumped for holidays. I've never been happier. Oliver wanted to run house to house. He was too short to ring most of the bells in the neighborhood, but he didn't need our help for anything else. He ran up to homes, yelled, "Trick or Treat!" got some candy, and then said thanks as he ran away. He'd then tell us, "OK! More houses!" He loved it.

Our neighbor was nice enough to take a picture of our whole family. It was one of the first stops, so Oliver still had his hat on. Oliver's the firefighter, Jo's the fire dog, and I'm Hermione. Andrew was the official hat and bag holder.

Oliver in action:

Some of the homes let Joanna pick a piece of candy from their bowls. She held onto a chocolate bar all night.

When we got home, I sat on the stoop with Oliver, and we handed out candy. I told him that everyone else was dressed in costume, too. First, it was our turn to go trick-or-treating, and now it's their turn. He totally understood. Whenever a kid came up to our stoop, he wouldn't give them candy if they didn't first say, "Trick or Treat." He'd actually tell them, "You have to say, 'Trick or Treat.'" So cute.

I hope your family had a fun and safe Halloween, too. Trick or Treat!

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