Friday, February 26, 2010

I'll take some oatmeal with a side of milk, please.

I thought I'd record how frequently Oliver eats for my knowledge now and in case I ever need to know in the future. This is from yesterday:

2:30am - Wake up for middle-of-the-night feeding

6am - Wake up, nurse

9am - Wake up from nap, nurse

12:45pm - Nurse

3:15pm - Wake up from nap, nurse

5pm - Nurse

6:30pm - Nurse

8pm - Nurse and then to bed!

Starting last week, we've given Oliver some baby single-grain cereal on occassion. Surprisingly, he eats most of what we mix. Still, it doesn't push back any of his feedings. Today, for example, I gave him some Gerber oatmeal cereal mixed with breast milk around 10am. He nursed about an hour and a half after that.

The rice cereal we gave him last week made him constipated. We fed him last Thursday, February 18, and he didn't poop until Saturday. I figured that was OK, so we gave him more rice cereal on Saturday. Then, he didn't poop until Tuesday! We didn't give him any more cereal until today, when I gave him the "oatmeal" (it's from Gerber... oat flour that I mix with my breast milk). The rice cereal we'd kept very, very liquidy. This time, I let the oatmeal be thick enough to coat the spoon. Oliver loved it. He started opening his mouth in anticipation and diving forward in his high chair. He also helped me shove the spoon in his mouth (that maneuver he'd also done with the rice cereal). It was so cute!

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