Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oliver's Going Pro

Last night, it took Oliver a mere 15 minutes to sleep unswaddled. He fell asleep around 8pm. I crawled into bed at 10pm, and just as I was falling asleep, I heard him cry. I tip-toed into his room, pat his tummy, and told him how much I loved him and how proud we were of him. Just as I was sneaking away, I got a wiff of pee. I decided I couldn't just leave him laying there in his pee, so I picked him up, changed him, gave him a little milk, and set him back down in his crib. He fell asleep on his own, unswaddled! Hurray!

Oliver goes about 5-6 hours at night without eating. So, when Oliver woke up at 2:30am, I thought he was probably hungry again. So I picked him up, nursed him, and then changed his diaper. I put him back down, and he cried a little. Andrew came in a few minutes later and whispered loving words to him. Oliver fell asleep shortly after that, and he slept until 5:15am.

Andrew watched Ollie this morning for me until he had to leave for his hike at 6:45am. Then he set Oliver on the bed next to me, smooched our heads, and headed out into the snow (it's a good thing he has Yak Tracks!). I talked to Oliver as I tried to wake myself up. He just sucked on his thumb, and then he closed his eyes. What was happening? I checked his breathing. Everything was OK. That meant he drifted off into a nap all on his own! Oh, man!

Oliver napped for 45 minutes, which is a very, very good nap for him. Two hours later, he started to get droopy-eyed again (it's typical for Oliver to nap for about 20 minutes after being awake for two hours). I laid him in his crib and tip-toed downstairs to get a cup of coffee. I didn't expect it to work. Oliver has never napped in his crib. However, after a minute of whimpering, he fell asleep in his crib. I already did the dishes and laundry this morning, so I'm relaxing over a cup of coffee and enjoying my 20 (or could it be 45?) minutes of relaxation while my big boy sleeps upstairs.

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