Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pleased to Meet You. My Name is Oliver.

Oliver met two babies while in Texas. It was so fun to see! The first was his 9-month old 2nd cousin, Karsen. Karsen is Andrew's cousin Casey's daughter. Karsen was able to pull herself up into a sit and play with animated toys. She also crawled and stood. It's exciting to see how independent and mobile Oliver will be in a few months. Oliver was in awe over her and mostly sat gaping at her. We took a few funny shots.

Later, we went to Austin and met Andrew's brother Zach's friends. They have a baby girl named Murphy who is two weeks older than Oliver. I giggled the whole time they were together because Murphy babbles exactly like Oliver. The two of them struck up multiple conversations, much to my amusement. Oliver kept grabbing her hands, which I thought was so cute.

It's hard not to compare babies when they're together. I was very pleased to see how similar Ollie and Murphy were. It made me feel like Oliver was normal, that I'm not completely messing up this parenting thing. Murphy was stronger than Ollie. She liked to stand (while being supported by her parents, of course). Ollie has just started putting more pressure on his feet when we hold him in a stand, but he can't support himself in that position at all, really. Oliver's very good at holding his head up, but it still bobbles. Murphy had her head held perfectly. Oliver, however, was so much better with his hands. Murphy is just learning that her hands do things, and her parents are just starting to hang items from her carriers and such. Conversely, Oliver is able to zero in on his hanging animals and grab them and pull them. When he's on his back, he grabs anything and everything that's around him--toys, blankets, diapers, used wipes, whatever. It was good to see the contrast.

Enjoy the photos of his first experiences meeting babies.

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