Friday, February 19, 2010

Tonight's Mission

Well, I gave up on Oliver crying it out after 30 minutes. However, he still hasn't slept. I decided to read on different methods. One method, one that's supposed to really work, is kind of a cry it out method. You leave the room for 3 minutes, come back, say soothing things for 1-2 minutes (do NOT pick him up!), then you leave and come back 5 minutes later if he's still crying. Say soothing things for another minute or so, then leave. Then come back every 10 minutes.

Every night for a week, you do this, and every night, you extend the time you come back in. The only thing is, you canNOT pick him up. Urg.

This is going to be very hard. I emailed my mom to see if she'd let us occupy her basement for the night so we don't piss off our neighbors at our townhome!

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