Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boop-Boop in the Potty?

Oliver's potty arrived in the mail today! We ordered it a few weeks ago with the gift card (his birthday gift) from his great-uncle, Scott.

I sat him on it a few times (pictured) and kept telling him, "Potty." He's a little interested in it. A few hours after its arrival, Oliver made his poop face. I was so excited, but I didn't know what to do! I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a cookie (homemade from Oliver's great-great aunt, Bonnie). I ran back into the living room, excitedly telling Oliver, "Good boy! Boop-boop!" Boop-boop is our word for poop. I took off his pants and diaper (in my haste, his turd went flying and landed on the floor behind us). I was a little disappointed that he already pooped, but I decided to make the most of this first training opportunity. I sat him on the potty and repeatedly said, "Good boy! Boop-boop on the potty!" while giving him tastes of the cookie. He was excited to have such a treat and happily sat on the potty for about a minute before raising his arms for me to pull him off.

So, while he didn't actually boop-boop in his potty, he had a positive potty experience. I'm excited to keep it up. I want him to have a positive experience and slowly learn to associate the potty with his boop-boop so we can really start training him in about six months.

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