Friday, December 31, 2010

Who Needs to Nurse When You Have Peanut Butter?

The toughest nursing to push Oliver through is his morning nursing. He wants to nurse the minute he wakes up. In fact, if Andrew goes to him in the morning, he starts screaming. I'll lay in bed, and from downstairs, I hear screams and desperate pleas of, "MAMAMAMA."

This morning, Andrew got up with Oliver at 5:30am. By 6am, I decided to get up, too. My goal was to push Oliver to 7am before nursing him. He was hysterical, though (literally). He was climbing all over me, pulling at my shirt, sobbing, "Mooooooore." I tried to soothe him in other ways, like rocking at singing to him. That didn't work. I tried to hold him as if he was nursing while letting him sip on warm cow's milk. That didn't work. I tried to distract him with his toy mailbox. Nothing.

Finally, I handed him a spoon smeared with some creamy peanut butter. Oliver was thrilled! He ate the peanut butter and asked for more. We did this three times, and then he got in a stellar mood. It was fantastic. I played with him until 7am, and then I nursed him. I'm so proud of him! I told Andrew about the peanut butter trick. I hope it continues to work!

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