Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oliver Spikes His Hair with Food

A few days ago, I took some water and spiked Oliver's hair with it. He didn't seem to mind a bit. It stayed up pretty well, and he looked adorable! The next day (Sunday), Oliver spilled his milk. Imagine my surprise when he rubbed his hand in the milk and then used his milky hand to rub his hair every-which-way.

I thought it was kind of funny, and I wondered if he was trying to mimic me from when I did his hair. I decided it wasn't likely and dismissed the thought. That is, I dismissed it until yesterday, when he did the exact same thing with the juice from the orange pieces I gave him. The funny part is, he only rubs the right side of his head with his right hand!

Today, I handed Oliver his sippy cup of milk while I made some cookie dough (I made orange spritz snowflake cookies!). Later, he was digging into the drawers to play with Tupperware when I noticed his head was sticky, and his hair was matted in some areas and sticking out in others. The mischievous little boy must have used milk to spike his hair again!
On the one hand, I'm impressed. He's so observant and so smart. On the other hand, what the...?! How do I get my son to stop putting milk and juice in his hair? Hahaha.

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