Friday, December 10, 2010


As if first steps weren't a big enough milestone to mark this day, Oliver also decided to go poop in his new potty!

Today is day #3 of early potty training. My goal is for Oliver to learn the association between going to the bathroom and the potty. I hope for him to then learn actual potty training in about 6 months.

Around 11:30 this morning, Oliver made his infamous "poop face." I plucked him up off the ground announcing happily, "Boop-boop in the potty!" We got there, and he sat on the potty for about five minutes while I gave him Cheerios, but he never decided to go. The same thing happened half an hour later.

After that, I left him without a diaper and just had him crawl around with his T-shirt and leg warmers. I figured, that way, I'd notice if he peed, too, so I could plunk him on the potty when he started tinkling. Oliver went over an hour without trying to go #1 or #2. What the heck! So I brought him and his potty up to the bathroom. I sat him on it and started up the tub. I did that hoping the sound of the rushing water would cause him to pee. Hehe. Instead, he wanted to get off the potty to look at the water. I don't want him to hate the potty, so I let him. I stood him up and took the potty to the other room. I was gone for about 10 seconds, but by the time I was back, he'd peed all over the floor! Haha. Oh well! The diaper and pants went back on.

Fast forward to 2pm. Andrew called from work to check in on us. After I hung up the phone, I turned to Oliver, and he was making his poop face! I said, "Good boy! Boop-boop! Let's boop in the potty!" I took off his pants and diaper and was a little disappointed to see that there was already a turd in the diaper. Still wanting Oliver to associate the potty with going to the bathroom, I sat him on top of his throne. He was on for less than 30 seconds before he started pooping again. It was official--Oliver pooped in his potty!

I was so excited, I kept praising him as he went, saying, "Good boy, good boy, boop in the potty. Good boy!" And then I'd cheer for him and clap. After he was done, I cleaned him up and I let him watch me flush his poopy in the toilet. Then we called Andrew back, and Andrew congratulated him over the phone.

What an amazing day!

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