Friday, December 10, 2010

Oliver Piddles in the Potty

Oliver sometimes wakes up crabby from his nap. Andrew and I hung out with him for a little bit to try to keep him in good spirits, and then we put him up on his potty. At first, he was a little mad that he wasn't being held, but we turned on "Mahna Mahna" on youtube and then busted out some yogurt for him. Oliver relaxed and had fun sitting with us watching the Sesame Street short. About two minutes went by, and then he started to piddle! Andrew told him, "Good boy, good boy!" while I whispered, "Psssssst," in his ears (so he starts to associate that with pee). Then, we carried him over to the toilet and let him watch as we poured his piddle in and flushed the toilet!

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