Tuesday, October 25, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 55: Doctor Oliver

Oliver's not feeling well today. We've been cuddling a lot this afternoon and watching a lot of Sesame Street music videos.

I decided to let Oliver play the part if the doctor. I gave him his ear thermometer and demonstrated for him how to work it. He insisted on doing each step every time: making sure the plastic cap was on the ear piece, turning it on, putting it in (or next to) his ear or mine, and pressing "start." He did a pretty good job and got a couple accurate readings!

Not everyone has an ear thermometer, but I imagine children would also like to play with the mouth thermometers. I thought it would also be fun to give Oliver a band-aid to put on, but he wasn't interested.

"Doctor" was a fairly enjoyable game for both of us. Oliver enjoyed learning something new, and there really wasn't any clean up or set up. He was occupied for about 10 minutes from this activity. It made him a lot more open to getting his temperature taken, so it was useful, too. I give "Doctor" a B.

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Margaret@GrowingPlay said...

Stumbled across your blog on Pinterest. I LOVE your toddler posts especially your grades. I have done many of the activities with my little one and sometimes with success sometimes without. I am cracking up when I read your opinions about activities b/c my experiences have been similar. My biggest disappointment was the light box. I was so excited for my little one to check out all the light box ideas I saw on Pinterest. She was done with it all in 2 minutes if that. I tried again another night - nothing.

My biggest success has always been playing with dried beans in a bucket sitting on a large sheet. A close second is pouring water into different sized containers. I bought those drying mats at the kitchen store and put those on the floor with a tray on top. Then all the different sized cups. This always entertains her for at least 15 minutes. I do have to change her clothes after but that is a fair exchange for 15 minutes on independent play! I can't wait to have the time to explore your blog more!