Monday, October 8, 2012

Joanna is 11 Months Old

This little stinker just keeps growing up! Joanna is 11 months old today. We've started to plan her first birthday party, and I'm flabbergasted that her first year is coming to a close.

Joanna has a sense of humor. She loves to do things like pretend she's going to share her food with us, only to snatch it back at the last second and crack up. She also purses her lips together and says, "MMmm," for a kiss. When we move in for a smooch, she shoves us away and laughs hysterically. These are very funny jokes to Jo.

Joanna is good at communicating with us these days. She's learned the word "more" and points to whatever she wants and says, "More." Her first word was actually "Gesundheit," which she spoke on her 10 month birthday. She also says, "Mom." I cannot believe that she can say three words. It's crazy! She's also practicing new sounds, including a lot of S noises.

She's down to two nursings a day, one in the morning and one at night. She sleeps through the night most nights, and she falls asleep for her naps all by herself (I just put her in the crib).

Jo crawls everywhere. Although she's pulling up to a stand more often, she's still not very keen on it. She really only stands when she wants something, like to see inside the bathtub. She walks while I hold her up, but she doesn't walk on her own at all--not even while holding onto furniture. She also hasn't started climbing the stairs yet. Basically, I'm saying that our lives will become a little more difficult in the coming months as she chooses to do those things.

She loves food. She eats entire jars of baby food and baby yogurt, and she also loves chowing down on crackers, Cheerios, and other finger foods. Her favorite "real" foods are diced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheese quesadillas (I smear baby food on the inside of the tortilla to give her veggies).

At 11 months old, these are the things Jo likes and dislikes:

*Daddy coming home
*Being held, especially by Mommy
*Water--baths, the pool, the shower, anything water-related
*Tastes of peanut butter
*Playing her jokes on us
*Grabbing Mommy's hair
*Lego Duplo blocks

*Her winter coat
*The "snuffy" (nasal aspirator)
*The car seat


Crafting Play said...

That's a super cute outfit! They just get so big so fast!

whirledpeas1129 said...

Thank you! I got her shirt (GAP) for under $3 from Once Upon a Child. I just discovered that consignment store and love it.

I was checking out your blog the other day and loved the owl shoes you posted. The next time my husband gets an Amazon reward from work, I'm going to see what he thinks about using it to get the kids some of those new shoes!