Friday, April 11, 2008

Date Night!

I work odd hours. Actually, that fact doesn't bother me so much. Sometimes, it's nice to have my day start and end early (who else finishes off an 8 hour day before 1pm?), while other days (such as today), it's nice to sleep in and start the day out slowly.

The odd hours of my job get difficult when it comes to making time for family and friends and Andrew. For example, today, I slept in while Andrew went to work. By the time I'm home from my shift, he'll be in bed, struggling to stay awake to say goodnight.

So, in an attempt at a solution, Andrew and I planned date night! I had the day off yesterday. After he got home from work, we went out to dinner at Village Inn. I was craving a salad and a baked potato. Yum. We then made our way over to the Tamarac theater to see Run, Fatboy, Run. It's a movie about a man who freaked out on his wedding day and left his fiance at the alter... pregnant. Years later, he still regrets making that mistake, but she's moved on and is dating another man. The main character gets it through his head that if he can only run a marathon, she'll give him another chance. It was a really cute movie. Andrew didn't like how the main character was constantly humiliated and one-upped, but I think he started to get into it midway through the film. At the end of the movie (I don't want to give away any details--it's worth seeing for yourself), I looked over, and Andrew was wiping tears from his eyes. He still insists it was from "yawning so hard." I'll let you be your own judge.

After our movie, we made hot chocolate and snuggled and talked until we couldn't stay awake any more. The evening was perfect, and I'm glad I took that time out to spend a fun evening with Andrew. It's important to hit the pause button of life on occassion.

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Duncan Wild said...

I'm a frequent yawner myself, I would probably just assume he was tired. I could see how someone could mistakenly think he was crying, though. But he definitely wasn't.