Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Macy's Sucks.

I'm going to be straight with you. I'm writing this blog to (hopefully) convince you not to waste your money with Macy's. This week, I had the most horrendous problems/customer service with them, and it's left me upset, frustrated, and embarressed.

My sister's birthday is Sunday, April 27. On Thursday, April 17, I decided to order her birthday gifts so that way it would definitely get to Omaha in time for her big day.

First, I went to Williams-Sonoma, and I ordered her some Sprinkles cupcake mix (because it's so tasty). On Target.com, I found a cupcake decorating kit and a book on how to decorate cupcakes into puppies and other cute things. I thought she'd love it.

Then, on Macys.com, I found the same cupcake carrying case that I have. I thought it'd be good for the gift because it came with cupcake pans (for large and small cupcakes!). I went as far to think it would be good for her because she could bring cupcakes with her to school in the case. It seemed like a great gift.

The next day (Friday), as I was glancing through my confirmation emails, I realized that the cupcake carrying case had an expected shipping date of June 1 on it. I was mad at myself for not seeing that when I ordered it. Then I remembered I had checked the info on the cupcake case. I remember worrying when I ordered it because it said it ships in 3 business days and can take up to 5 business days after that to arrive. I remember thinking, "Crap, maybe she won't get it on time." Just to be sure, I went back on to Macys.com to look at the item, and, sure enough, plain as day, it said it is in stock and ships out on average of 3 days. It still said that on the website (they hadn't updated it).

I decided to shoot them an email to ask why it was expected to ship on June 1. I told them my sister's birthday is April 27. I thought, by giving them this information, they'd look into it and maybe get it to her ontime. Or, if that didn't work, I thought maybe they wouldn't charge me the $10 shipping fees.

This morning, I finally got to my email again. There, in my inbox, was a response from Macy's. You won't believe what it said.

They told me that the item is backordered from their vendor (which is fine. Crap happens. But, still, maybe they'd give me free shipping, or a shipping coupon to use at a later date. something. anything. but no.). They then started quoting this law to me. They said that when an item's shipping date is rescheduled, they tell the purchaser. If the purchaser does not respond within 30 days, they can legally cancel the order.

They then said because I did not repond within 30 days, they have cancelled my order.


I made the purchase less than a week ago. I made it on THURSDAY. It hasn't been 30 days. I never received any email explaining it was backstocked. All I'd gotten until that point was a confirmation email from my order saying the expected ship date was June 1. That's it. How can they cancel my order?

I'm not even making this up. Seriously, check out their email to me:

Dear Rebecca Shattuck,

Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding order # 446******.

Recently, we had sent you a notification regarding the following merchandise: CC/CAKE CARRIER 5PC SET These items were backordered with the vendor.

Federal Trade Commission guideline requires that we obtain an acceptance of this new shipment date within 30 calendar days from notifying the purchaser. If we do not receive contact from the purchaser within the 30-day timeframe to accept the new shipping date, the order is required to be canceled. As we did not receive this contact within the 30-day timeframe, we consequently canceled your order for the merchandise in question. Please note that this merchandise has not been charged. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

30 days my butt! They didn't notify me about any backstock until this same email in which they told me my order was cancelled. And there definitely wasn't any 30 day notice. What the hell!

Do me a favor, spend your money somewhere where they don't screw you over. I'm pretty sure Target's getting Julie's birthday present to her on time. I'm going to order a similar case from Target, but not before making sure everyone knows how crappy Macy's is.

Macy's sucks.

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