Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Yesterday, Andrew and I went out to dinner with Paul and Colleen (my favorite parents-in-law) for Paul's birthday. It's hilarious seeing Andrew with his dad; the two of them are so, so much alike. It'd be eerie if it wasn't so goddamned funny. I think my favorite thing to observe is that they're both extreme worry-worts, but they also get exasperated with each other... even though it's a quality they share. Good stuff.

Colleen and I are two very different people, but we get along so well and never run out of anything to talk about. I love that. I'm used to being surrounded by people who are just like me... quiet, casual, whatever. She's interested in fashion and medicine and the world; she's funny and eccentric, and I can listen to her talk for hours. She always seems to have energy to keep going, and it tends to rub off on me. Yesterday, we got talking, and I started to realize that, even though we might have different interests & personalities, we can definitely still relate to each other.

It seems the job she's always loved is turning into an environment she doesn't want to be in. She feels some of her coworkers are down right mean and nasty. I opened up to her about some of the problems I've been having with my new boss. Like one of the bosses in her office, he seems to thrive on making people squirm. He's hateful and unhappy. I know I need to be above it and not let it get me down, but that is *so* much easier said than done. I'm around him about 32 hours a week. Letting all his negativity slide isn't very simple. Staying above the line on the issues with him is absolutely exhausting. I come home every day and just want to rest, to relax and not have to deal with any more issues. That makes home life very unproductive. Thank god for Andrew!

Anyway, last night was very nice. It felt good to open up to Colleen and hear her thoughts on the subject and know that she truly understood what I was going through. Tomorrow, I'm using the spa gift certificate she gave me for Christmas; we're going to get pedicures and a "foot reflexology" foot massage. Hopefully, the procedure is not too invassive ;-) I think I'll make sure to wear shorts, because I don't want to get there only to find out I have to take my pants off. That won't be happening! Haha. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes...

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