Friday, July 29, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 25: Water Painting

Today's entertaining idea comes from a website I found by Robin Kay. I chose water painting. It's easy & inexpensive to play, which is all the motivation I need to give it a try!

All you need for water painting is nice weather, a bowl of water, and a paint brush (or something similar). I had a foam one that I got for free as an advertisement from an interior decorator. So, for me, the activity was completely free!

I brought out a few bowls and some measuring cups. I figured Oliver could play with those if the painting idea went bust. I showed Oliver how to use the brush to paint. I dipped it in the water and ran it along the concrete. At first, Oliver was more interested in the measuring cups. He's always enjoyed transferring water from one container to another:

After a moment, he decided to give my water painting a try.

Oliver enjoyed water painting for about five minutes, and then he ran over to the hose. You might remember that playing with the hose back on the Fourth of July was a bust (link here). Over these past few weeks, he's learned to love playing with the hose! In fact, I updated my blog to give playing with the hose a higher grade. So, we spent about five or ten minutes spraying the hose around the patio:

After fun with the hose, I brought the bowl of water back to Oliver. He took the opportunity to spit in it a few times. I don't know why. He spits in the potty, too.

After spitting for a bit, Oliver resumed painting for another few minutes before we packed it up and went inside. Total time spent with water? About 20 minutes.

I love how easy and simple this activity is, yet it's something I never would have thought of myself. It's perfect for a toddler. I also love that it lets Oliver be creative. He really isn't in to many "artsy" activities. Water painting kept him entertained and motivated him to paint! Because it requires little prep, is easy, nearly free, and fun (and I get to relax while he plays), I give this activity an A.

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