Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oliver and Owen at the Splash Pad

My neighbor, Shawna, and I decided to take our little guys to Roy Ross Park today to play in the water. When we arrived, Owen was jumping out of his skin to get to the splash area. Oliver, ever timid, was interested in watching from a distance while we got everyone prepped for an hour in the sun.

We released the boys into the splash pad. Owen had his beach ball, and Oliver had his rubber ducky. It was a cute sight.

Oliver gets brave enough to approach the water:

Owen decides to test out the water. He's not sure if he likes it:

Ducky needs water, too:

Owen gets brave with his mommy's help:

A drain!

I try to get Oliver to run through the water by showing him how it's done:

The boys finally play together (kind of):

Oliver kept wanting me to hold him. I finally sat down so I could:

Back to the water:

Oliver and Owen explore a drain:

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