Friday, July 15, 2011

Pee Trained!

I think it's safe to say that Oliver is pee-potty trained! He has had only one accident a day for the last five days. Yesterday, that accident was during his nap, and today, it was immediately after.

When he has to pee, he runs into the bathroom, lifts up the lid, and sets his potty seat on it! Sometimes, he doesn't realize he has to pee until he starts. So, there sometimes are a few drops on his undies. He looks down in surprise and runs to the bathroom! So cute.

He loves his froggy potty upstairs. Sometimes, I think he likes it a little too much. He'll sit on there and try to squeeze out a few drops even when he doesn't have to go. Afterwards, he picks the inner bowl out and runs to the toilet with it. He dumps it in and flushes. Then he'll go back and try to squeeze a few more drops out so he can do it again.

It's still rare for him to poop in his potty. He doesn't like to sit for very long. In fact, a lot of times he'll pee, get off, and then needs to finish peeing a few minutes later.

He wears undies around the house, but we put him in diapers whenever we leave. Also, we usually don't leave the house until just *after* he pees, and this has successfully prevented any accidents outside the home.

Hurray for potty training!

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