Thursday, July 7, 2011

Potty Training Milestone?

I think we made a huge leap in potty training today!

Let me start from the beginning.

This last weekend, I decided to get back into the potty training routine. Since January, we've stopped putting him on the potty regularly and just do it at night before bed. He occasionally went, but he did on rare occasions. He peed a lot on the floor at night during naked time. We always made sure to say, "Psssssssssssss," when he went so he would associate the sound with his actions. When he was done, we'd clean it up. I'd tell him he did a good job peeing, and I'd add, "Maybe later, you'll pee on the potty!"

Anyway, like I said, we decided to jump back into the potty routine beginning Friday. I kept him naked or in underpants all day, unless it was his nap time or we were leaving the house. He didn't have *any* accidents in his underpants all weekend, but he also didn't pee in the potty. He'd wait until his diaper was on and then pee. I actually thought this was a good sign. To me, it meant he knew how to hold it.

Coincidentally, my cousin brought up the topic of potty training on Facebook on Saturday. I got a few tips from people, including the idea of using books to keep your toddler on the potty. So, I started reading to Oliver while he sat on the pot. He loved it! He wanted me to read for a good ten minutes as he sat on the throne. This proved to be invaluable this week.

Yesterday, he started to pee in his underpants. I was surprised, and told him happily, "Let's pee on the potty!" I slid his underpants off, and he stopped peeing. I put him on the toilet (with his potty seat), and he resumed peeing. I made such a big deal out of it. He got chocolate chips and celebration. He looked so proud and happy!

Today, he asked me to put him on the potty. He does that by walking into the bathroom (he can open the downstairs one) and placing his potty seat on the toilet. I put him up there and read him his book, Llama, Llama Holidays. When I was done reading it, I asked him if he'd like to go pee pee on the potty. He looked down and started flexing his muscles repeatedly. Finally, two single drops came out. I couldn't believe that he was trying so hard! I felt so proud of him. I made a big deal out of his two drops of pee (since he clearly tried so hard for them). He flushed the toilet, and we ran into the kitchen to get chocolate chips. I gave him about 8, one at a time. Each time announcing, "Oliver, you did such a good job going pee pee in the potty! You went pee pee in the potty, so you get choco chips!" He was thrilled. Then, I told him we'd call Daddy and tell him the good news. He beamed the entire time.

Oliver wore a diaper for his nap and then to the grocery store. After that, he got a bath. Andrew came home shortly later because I wasn't feeling well. Andrew put Oliver on the potty and read him some more Llama, Llama. I was surprised to hear Andrew say, "Good job! Psssst! Good job, Oliver!" I thought for sure that Oliver wouldn't have to go because I assumed he'd peed in the warm bath. I didn't feel well, but I was excited enough to get up and join in the celebration. Again, Oliver got chocolate chips and was told what a big boy he is.

So, Oliver's not potty trained yet, but he clearly is able to hold his urine, and he clearly knows that the potty is for peeing. Fingers crossed, I hope this means he'll be potty trained soon! I would love for Oliver to be out of diapers before his baby sister arrives this fall. Hurray!

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