Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family at Belleview Park

Andrew and I felt like getting out of the house this evening. Oliver had taken a late nap, so I suggested we head to Belleview Park. We didn't arrive until after 6:30pm. The park was still bustling! There were children's birthday parties going on, and probably a hundred kids in the creek. We were too late for the train. It stops running at 4pm (hours at this link). So, we made our way down the creek to shallow waters and found a patch of rocky sand to play in. Oliver loved it!

Andrew took Oliver to the shore to toss rocks into the creek. Oliver loved watching them splash.

Oliver would pick up rocks and have us to count to three for him to throw them in.

Oliver & Andrew playing in the creek:

Oliver loved digging into the rocky sand, but then he'd hold up his hands for me to rinse off the rocks stuck to his skin.

I love this shot of Andrew and Oliver:

Oliver decided to explore the creek upstream:

...and then they ran back to me!

My face is officially swollen from pregnancy, but here's a family shot:

Oliver ditched his swim trunks because they were a little too big and were falling down. Here he is walking across a bridge with his daddy:

We stopped at some bathrooms at the park, and I made Oliver sit by the flowers for a photo:

Oliver decided he didn't want to walk to the car. He'd rather be carried.

We stopped on the bridge to get one last look at the creek before heading to the car:

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