Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

Here is a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom of one:

6am - Oliver wakes up. Today, he is in a good mood and wants to play with his stuffed animals. We play with them for about five minutes and then head downstairs. I chop up some blackberries and bananas and mix them in his yogurt for breakfast. I sit with him while he eats breakfast and drinks water, and I let him watch's Sesame Street video a few times (four times).

6:20am - Oliver and I do the dishes leftover from the night before. He loves doing the dishes! Then, he helps me brew the coffee.

6:45am - Oliver and I head upstairs. I clean him up from breakfast and get him dressed for the day. We set up his mattress for his nap later, and we play with his puzzles.

7:15am - I bring Oliver in to Andrew. Oliver wakes up his daddy. They play puzzles and read stories, and Oliver hangs out while Andrew gets ready for work. I get an hour to myself. I make breakfast (slice some bread, cheese, and a hard-boiled egg) and watch an old episode of Psych . I also read the news online and check Facebook and enjoy the coffee Oliver helped brew.

8:15am - I put a lunch together for Andrew (which just involves grabbing leftovers and snacks from the fridge) while he and Oliver share a bowl of cereal. Andrew heads out to work, and Oliver then sits on the potty for about five minutes (no pee-pee).

8:20am - I go upstairs to take a shower. Oliver brings me his toys and throws them into the tub. I name them for him and make his toy dog bark. Oliver plays fetch as I toss them out of the tub; he brings them back to me.

8:40am - After getting dressed (I put on fresh underwear but then just put back on my pajamas) and brushing my hair, Oliver and I head downstairs to start a load of laundry. He loves laundry and is so excited about this chore. We also unload the dish machine, and he enjoys putting away the spoons.

9am - Oliver's back on the potty. He still hasn't peed, so I think he'll pee soon! is playing his Sesame Street song on youtube, and I'm updating my log.

9:10am - I give up on Oliver peeing in the potty and reluctantly put him in his underpants and pants. I know I'll have a mess to clean up soon! Then, Oliver and I practice numbers. I show him the number 3, and we sing "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians" over and over. He loves the song!

9:20am - Oliver walks up to his bike (tricycle) and shouts, "More!" This means he wants to ride his bike. I tell him he can ride it but needs to wear shoes first. So, I spend the next few minutes wrestling the shoes and tying them. Then, I sit Oliver up on the bike. He puts his feet on the pedals, and I walk backwards, in front of the bike, peddling his feet and making it go. We make three passes through the downstairs before I get too physically exhausted to continue (try hunching over, walking backwards, and pedaling a bike with your hands). Oliver gets upset and wants to keep riding his bike.

9:30am - I take Oliver upstairs to put away clothes that are left in the basket from yesterday. I put them away, and he pulls them out of the drawers, squealing with delight. It turns into a game of chase and peek-a-boo. It's fun for me, too, but as he "runs" away, I'm also trying to water and plants, dig out the shoes behind the bed, and put away his puzzles and books. Once we're done, I'm exhausted again.

9:45am - We go back downstairs, and Oliver sits on his potty for about two minutes and eats a few Goldfish crackers and drinks some water that I get for him. Still no pee-pee. The washer finishes and beeps. Oliver yes, "Siss!" which means, "It's done!" He stands up from the potty and walks to the washing machine. We switch out the load to the dryer. Oliver starts walking around the kitchen, grabbing random items like the kitchen towels, and brings them to the washing machine and shoves them in. It's a little break for me, so I run over to update this log before I forget what all has gone down since my last update on here. He still doesn't have pants on.

9:55am - I pour a small bowl of cereal with a cup of coffee for myself. I play peek-a-boo with Oliver (who hides behind the door of the washing machine and jumps out) as I quickly eat. Oliver comes over to steal a few bites here and there. We go to the washing machine and load all the breakfast dishes. Oliver puts a few dirty spoons in the drawer, and I have to sneak those back out when he's not looking.

10:05am - Oliver and I go upstairs. I get him in a disposable diaper (knowing he will likely poop in the next two hours, it'll save me a cloth one) and pants. I get him his tooth brush, and he brushes his teeth while I brush and floss. He opens and closes drawers and hides his toothbrush in one while I get dressed. I give him some lotion as I lotion up and tie my hair back.

10:15am - I bring down the laundry for Oliver to start loading into the washing machine. I run upstairs to open the windows and run back downstairs to turn off the furnace. He's mostly done already! I go and check the weather to see if it's warm enough to go to the park yet. It's 55 degrees and sunny, so I'm going to stick my head out back to see if it's park weather.

10:30am - Oliver and I arrive at the park, and it's lovely weather! He enjoys climbing the stairs, sliding down the big slide, playing in wood chips, and getting pushed on the swing.

11am - Oliver and I arrive back home. He checks on the laundry as I organize our shoes at the door and hang up our jackets. Then, I make him half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and get him a glass of milk. As he eats his lunch, I talk to him about the park as I fold the clothes from the dryer and hand-wash the spaghetti pot from last night. Oliver's still eating, so I start a video for him while I update this log. I also reheat the mug of coffee I never finished.

11:15am - Oliver's still hungry, so I separate out some Craisins for him and peel some string cheese. I also noticed he hasn't drank any of his milk, so I swap it out for some water, which he happily drinks. I then open up a few coupon sites (Safeway and to see what's on sale.

11:20am - I load a few coupons to my card, but there aren't any amazing deals to speak of this week. Oliver's done eating, so I'll have to do my meal planning for tomorrow and the weekend during his nap later this morning.

11:40am - Oliver's asleep. I'd gotten to meditate for about fifteen minutes while Oliver laid on his mattress. He fell asleep, and I quietly crept downstairs, reheated my coffee (again) and grabbed a yogurt and a pear. I'll eat while I browse recipes and work out a dinner plan for the next few days.

11:55am - Meal planning is done through Monday! My grocery list is ready for Oliver & I to go shopping today or tomorrow. Now, I'll quick clean his tray, and then it's time to relax, email my husband, check Facebook, read the news, and play on Pogo.

12:45pm - Oliver's up! He woke up in a good mood again. We made our way downstairs, where he was delighted to discover that the wash was done. I moved it up to the dryer. As he inspected the washer, I emptied the bathroom trash cans and took the garbage out to the shed. Then, Oliver and I brewed decaf (he expects to brew coffee every time he wakes up). I held him as I scrubbed the counters and then let him play with the coffee containers as I called to activate my new credit card. He was fascinated as I shredded the old cards.

1pm - Oliver "booped," so I got him clean and put him in a cloth diaper. Then I took him out front to make a slow walk to the mail box to mail a recipe card to my aunt for my cousin's wedding shower. We ran into a neighbor on the way, and I stopped to chat while Oliver played with rocks and hid behind my legs.

1:30pm - Listed Andrew's textbooks for sale on Amazon while Oliver sat on my lap. I also checked out prices of the new books he needs for this section on Amazon, Ebay and Barnes and Noble, but they're still too expensive. Oliver started to get mad, so I'll check more sites later.

1:45pm - Organize coupons and head to the store. Half way there, I realize that, although I remembered the reusable bags, I forgot the grocery list. I decide I can shop by memory. Oliver and I meander through the store and manage to get everything on our list, in spite of its absence.

2:30pm - Get home, unload groceries, and organize the fridge.

2:40pm - Sit Oliver down with a snack of blueberries (which he found in the fridge and was so excited about), sliced cheese, Goldish crackers, sliced olives and water. I also make myself a snack of sliced bread, cheese, and olives.

2:45pm - I check my email and see one of the textbooks have sold. $145! Of course, one of the books I need to buy for Andrew this section is in the $200 range. Anyway! I log into Amazon, print the packing slip, re-clean the prep counter, dig out the mailing wrap from our storage closet, cut Oliver more cheese to keep him happy, start him a video (, of course!) and wrap the book.

2:55pm - Oliver's starting to act out and be crabby. It's definitely time to play and have some one-on-one time without worrying about work. We play "cookie jar" (a shape-sorting toy) for ten minutes together, and then I get him set up to color. He was more interested in the tape holding up the paper! Oh, well, After that, we played with his mailbox toy for another ten minutes together.

3:20pm - I sit on the couch to call Andrew while Oliver plays with toys nearby. We talk for a few minutes, and, after we hang up, I have difficulty motivating myself to get up. I'm sleepy, and sitting and feeling the sun shining on me is very relaxing.

3:25pm - Oliver and I go upstairs. I change my shirt because I got olive juice (oil?) all over it, and I change Oliver's diaper and put him in some underpants. We put away the laundry, and then Oliver heads back downstairs. I follow.

3:35pm - Oliver wants to ride his bike again. I'm so tired. At first, I hear myself saying no. Then I look at him and decide to pedal him a bit. I go upstairs to get his shoes, put them on him, and sit him up on his bike. Then, I bend in half and walk backwards while pedaling his feet. We go across the house twice, but that's all I can do. I tell him, "All done!" He whimpers a bit and tries to push it around before admitting defeat. I take him to the computer chair to sit on my lap while I update my blog.

3:45pm - I let Oliver sit on the desk and play with the printer. I keep my hand on his back, spotting him, and relax.

4pm - Andrew calls, and we make plans for the weekend. Oliver continues feeling crabby and whines about everything (he wants me to turn on the videos or open drawers or hand him things). I'm starting to feel ready for the day to be over (count down to 6:15pm when Andrew gets home). I know he's probably tired from not napping much, but it's getting close to his 7-8pm bedtime, so I need to push him through these last few hours. I put him on the potty and hope we don't go 0 for 4. I let him snack on chocolate chips (his favorite) on the potty.

4:15pm - We're 0 for 4 on the potty today. He hasn't tinkled in his pants yet, either, but I wish we had a goal! Oh, well. Meanwhile, Oliver's crabbiness continues, and so does my exhaustion. Two more hours to go! Oliver would now like to play in the washing machine. Meanwhile, I'm going to scoop out a taste of the basil-lime sorbet I made yesterday and take a photo of it for the recipe site,

4:20pm - We go upstairs, read books, and play with his gear toy. I'm struggling to stay awake, and so is Oliver.

4:40pm - Oliver heads back downstairs. And then back upstairs. The game of stairs has begun.

4:45pm - Oliver tinkles on the floor. I wipe the floor and then take him up to get a cloth diaper and new pants.

4:50pm - I chop three roma tomatoes in half and de-seed them (we're having breakfast for dinner tonight, and English breakfast tomatoes will be our vegetable). I also chop some spinach and turkey dog very finely for Oliver's omelette. I chop extra turkey dog for him to snack on as I chop.

5pm - I slice some French bread on a whim to make some French toast. I hand Oliver a slice, and he runs off with it. I give him a glance every minute or so to make sure he's OK, and he starts playing peek-a-boo with me. Super cute.

5:05pm- Oliver grabs his bag of diapers and brings them to me. I smell boop. It's a stinky one, too. I take him upstairs to change his diaper (and put him into another cloth one).

5:10pm - I'm heading back upstairs to clean his toilet. I noticed it had a water ring when I was dumping his boop into it. After cleaning the upstairs toilet, I'll do the downstairs one, too. Then, I'd better wash my hands.

5:20pm - Oliver reaches up at the cereal cabinet and whines. I ask him if he would like some Cheerios, and he continues reaching. I put some in a little bowl on the floor for him, and he starts throwing them all around. I guess he wasn't hungry. In the midst of the throwing, he knocks over his glass of water, which spills everywhere. I wipe up the water, smear Cheerios, and feel even more pooped. I don't do a good enough job wiping up the water because Oliver slips when he stands up. He's OK, but he was upset for a minute.

5:25pm - Oliver's happily playing with Tupperware, so I get busy and clean the front of the washer and dryer as well as the back door windows. I put away the video games he'd pulled off the shelves, and I run the disposable diapers upstairs (we'd purchased a new back at the store today). I also quickly sweep the kitchen and dining area. In the midst of my work (5:30pm), Andrew calls and says he's heading home. Less than 45 minutes left!

5:45pm - I get out the pans I'll need for cooking and the bowls I'll need for mixing. Oliver comes up to be held and snuggled. He'll want to be held until dinner time which makes me feel loved every day but also makes cooking dinner a struggle. I put on some of my music. We're at the home stretch!

5:55pm - After snuggling Oliver for a bit, I put him down. I start cooking, hoping dinner only takes about 20 minutes to make. About fifteen minutes into cooking, Andrew calls to chat. Oliver's at my feet, sobbing from not being held, and I'm trying to flip Oliver's omelette so it doesn't burn while there's hot oil flying every which way from the tomatoes. I was a bit short with Andrew and told him I needed to go. Oops.

6:20pm - Andrew arrives home and dinner is almost done. I swear, no one has ever loved another person more than I love him. He came in and scooped up Oliver (in spite of Oliver's cries of protest) and took him upstairs for five minutes for me to finish dinner. It feels good to have a few minutes to myself!

6:45pm - Dinner is finished. I love spending time with my family! We talked and laughed, and Oliver snapped out of his foul mood for a short while. He delighted us with his babble and laughter. After dinner, I started the pans soaking, and I put all the sticky dishes in the dish machine. The rest, I'll take care of in the morning. Andrew has now taken Oliver upstairs to get him ready for his night time routine. I'm meeting them upstairs at 7:10pm with milk to read a few more stories and then to say goodnight to our little one.

7:30pm - Oliver is asleep. Andrew and I enjoy a quiet evening together, and I'm asleep by 9pm.

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