Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun at the Children's Museum

Today was cold. Even though it's winter, we're not used to that this season. Anyway, we decided to join Shawna and Owen on a trip to the Children's Museum. Her friend Holly came and brought her two girls, Savannah and Briley.

I truly didn't expect Oliver to have as much fun as he had. He enjoyed the museum completely. Everything was fun and interesting to him. We could have stayed all day, and he would have had a blast.

He played with a train set a little bit with Owen. Then, I took him to a painting station where he rubbed paint in his hair. After that, I decided to take him to the baby/toddler area. Oliver was completely thrilled with the over-sized teddy bears. He dove into them, pet them, and pointed out their heads, ears, eyes, noses, and feet. Super cute!

He took to a toy ball that he found in the toy collection and carried it around with him for quite some time. I started hiding it under other toys and behind toy doors. He had a blast finding it. At one point, he left it on the floor for a few minutes. Owen came by and took it. Oliver walked up to him and snatched it away.

He also enjoyed the gears, which he put away, and the wooden eggs, which he also put away. He liked the steering wheel, and he liked the spinning, wooden animals. He had a great time!

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