Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pregnant? Maybe!

I bought a generic early-test pregnancy test. It was a two pack, and it said you can test as early as five days before your missed period (which, for me, was yesterday). Of course, the accuracy of testing that early is only 53% (only 53% of pregnant women will test positive that early). Yesterday morning, I took the test anyway, but I didn't even get the control line. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it definitely did not work.

This morning (four days before my missed period), the accuracy is supposed to be 74%. I felt pretty comfortable with those odds, and so I used the second test. Thankfully, the control line popped up right away. At least the test worked! But, tragically, I couldn't read the test after two minutes. There was the faintest line I've ever seen in my life. A faint line is supposed to be positive, but this one was so faint that it could have been a shadow. I showed it to Andrew, who thought it was a real line. I read up on the test online, and, sure enough, it said that tests can get an evaporation line in the test window, which can resemble a shadow of a line. I read that if you see a line that is so faint it could be a shadow, that you should test again in 1-2 days.

And, so, with two tests under my belt, I'm still not sure if I'm pregnant. I have to say, I think I am. I've had sudden, random feelings of anger, which I experienced throughout my last pregnancy (the hormones must cause me to feel angry, lol!). I've also had a sweet tooth, which I don't usually have, and I never had with my pregnancy with Oliver. Finally, Andrew had on a new chap stick or something the other day that was so gross, I couldn't kiss him for about 24 hours. It really made me want to vomit. Also, I've experienced a bit of cramping throughout the week, and, although I haven't had any nausea, my stomach has done a few flip-flops. I also haven't been very hungry, which actually is one of the symptoms I had with my last pregnancy. When I was first pregnant with Oliver, I lost five pounds before I knew I was pregnant because I just wasn't hungry. Finally, I was so exhausted yesterday that I couldn't make dinner and had to lay down on the couch for half an hour instead (that's another symptom I had with my last pregnancy, and it lasted the first two trimesters). On the other hand, my breasts haven't been tender at all. I say that because breast tenderness was my first sign of pregnancy last time.

Like my last pregnancy post, I'm not going to publish this one until later. Once I've verified I'm pregnant (if I'm pregnant), we're going to hold off telling almost everyone. I think we'll tell Andrew's parents before my parents this time (as we told my parents first last time). Andrew and I discussed telling them when we celebrate his dad's birthday in early April. We'd probably then tell my parents later that same day. Most likely, I'll tell my good friends Aminta and Stasa this upcoming weekend because I'll be in Miami visiting Stasa (and it'd be nice to tell her in person).

As of now, the only people who know we've been trying are our friends, Dom and Corinne, and my childhood friend, Sam. Dom assures us that we'll get pregnant without any hassle, as Andrew and I got pregnant last time when I was on birth control. He thinks if we could do it without trying, surely we can get pregnant when we are trying! I'm inclined to agree, and I really think we were successful after our first try!

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