Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whirlwind of Emotions

I'm afraid this pregnancy is already more symptomatic than my last. In addition to not being able to stand the smell of Andrew's chapstick (so happy it's gone!), I'm feeling temperature extremes all the time. I'm either literally shivering, or I'm so hot that I start to panic. My emotions are all over the place, too. I feel so, so sad today for absolutely no reason. I just keep feeling like I'm failing everyone, and I don't know why I'm feeling that way.

Oliver and I went to the park (it's in the high 70s today). I let him go down a slide, but it turned out to be hot! He started crying, and I felt so awful. I cuddled him and kissed him, and he was fine, but I was crying, too, and had to leave the crowded park.

I don't remember being this emotional with Oliver. I looked back on a blog entry from that pregnancy, and I guess I was: I'm glad I reread that entry because it's exactly how I feel right now. It makes it seem more temporary and a lot less crazy!

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