Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking Like It's No Big Thing

Oliver has turned into a pro walker. He officially walks everywhere and almost never crawls. He doesn't stumble, and he's starting to "toddle" less and less. He walks straight ahead and with confidence. Since he's started walking, he almost never falls, and if he does, it's just on his butt.

In the end, I think it was a good thing Oliver took so long to start walking. It hasn't ended in mischief like every person in the world told me it would. Every time I'd tell someone that he still wasn't walking, they'd say, "Be glad! It changes everything." The only thing Oliver's walking has changed is that he walks instead of crawls, so he can wander places (like the store and the sidewalk) that he couldn't before. He's much happier, and he's showing a little more independence from us.
Hurray for walking!

Next up: running. Although he's been walking for weeks now, he still hasn't started running. A few times, he's picked up his pace, but no running yet. Soon!

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