Friday, March 4, 2011

Stinky Smells!

When pregnant with Oliver, I noticed my sense of smell seemed stronger, but it wasn't really a big issue or a noticeable symptom of the pregnancy. This time around, I can't escape the smells, and I'm only four weeks in. Something about Andrew (and it smells artificial) stinks, and I can't bear to kiss him. It makes me gag! How awful is that? I keep taking partially full garbage bags out to the shed because I can't stand the smell of them, either. So far, it's the strongest symptom of the pregnancy, and I don't like it! Thankfully, I don't feel nauseated from the stinky smells. That would be the worst. I'm hoping that I won't have any issue with nausea whatsoever, just like I never had with my last pregnancy. I'd take stinky smells over an upset stomach any day of the week! However, these stinky smells are no fun, and I hope it's short-lived. The garbage can is empty and closed, and I still smell it, and it's gross. It smells like egg shells.

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