Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 32: Blowing Know-How

Today's activity came straight from 365 Games Smart Toddlers Play. It's called Blowing Know-How, and it's listed as being age appropriate for toddlers who are 15-18 months old. After reading the activity, I decided we'd never done anything like it at our house. Even though Oliver is 21 months old, it seemed like an activity he'd enjoy.

Blowing Know-How is a simple cause and effect game. Next time you're at Starbucks or fast-food restaurant (even at a grocery store than has a Starbucks), grab a straw or two. Then, when you're looking for an activity for your little one, pull out the straw. Blow through it so the air pushes on your child's skin. I told Oliver, "Look, I'm blowing!" I blew on his skin. He was immediately interested. I gave him the straw, and he blew into it. Some spit came out, too. Haha.

Once they understand the concept of blowing into the straw, grab some light-weight items around the house. This book recommends items like feathers and Cheerios. I had some pom-pom balls from a craft store, so I grabbed those. I blew them around the floor a bit. Oliver was very interested. When it was his turn, he wasn't quite able to do it. He blew into the straw, but he didn't aim it right at the pom-poms. I helped him aim, but he wasn't close enough and wasn't blowing hard enough to make them move. After a few tries, he just started batting them around with his hands.

My main goal was for Oliver to have fun, but I was hoping he'd be able to do it all by himself, too. I tried to ditch the straw. I blew directly onto the pom-poms to show Oliver how the force could move them. He wanted to do it, too, but he put his mouth right on them and blew downwards. He didn't have the patience for me to show him again, so I decided that was OK. He still enjoyed playing with the straw and pom-poms, and he'd make them move by whacking them with his hands or the straw.

The game didn't last too long. From beginning to end, I'd guess that it lasted about ten minutes. I left the materials out. Usually, when I do this, Oliver's not very interested in going back to an activity on his own. This game was different. I caught him going back to the straw a few times, sometimes to blow and other times to just play with it and bend it. I'm happy to know that it's an activity he can enjoy on his own, so I give it an A!

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Anonymous said...

Did you try ripping the straw wrapper into a few small pieces and see if he can blow them across the table? Great restaurant game.