Tuesday, August 30, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 39: Toilet Paper "Threading"

The Toddler's Busy Book recommends teaching a toddler threading as an activity. Using either sections of an empty paper towel roll, hair curlers, or large empty spools, toddlers are supposed to have fun figuring out how to thread them onto a shoe lace.

A few weeks ago, I tried a similar activity with Oliver that I didn't post on the blog. I gave him a pipe cleaner and showed him how to thread jingle bells on it. He understood the concept but wasn't good at manipulating the small bells onto the thread.

Today, I brought a new pack of toilet paper downstairs to stock the toilet paper holder in the bathroom. Oliver saw me and was eager to help. I realized we were doing the threading activity but on a larger scale. So, I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of him putting the rolls of toilet paper on to the holder.

After we were done stocking, Oliver insisted on taking all the rolls back off and on again. We played for about twenty minutes! Later, Oliver insisted on playing again with Andrew.

Threading Toilet Paper was a great activity. First, it was free. If you don't have a stand-alone toilet paper holder, you can probably just use a broom. Second, it got him thinking and problem-solving. Third, it kept him occupied and happy for a good amount of time. Finally, I think Oliver really enjoyed helping out (I know I like when our activities are constructive instead of destructive!). This activity gets an A+!

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Stevi said...

I think I will try it with the broom! Great idea!