Sunday, August 14, 2011

Third Trimester

Friday, I entered into the third and final trimester! This pregnancy has flown by. I'm happy that the past few months have been healthy with no bleeding or other unusual problems.

As of today, I also think our little one is out of breach position! For weeks, all the kicking I've felt has been very, very low. Finally, today, the kicking is up high in my ribs. I'm so excited, and I feel like we're another step closer to a healthy delivery.

Symptoms have been fairly mild. Walking two blocks feels like I ran half a mile. I'm not as sleepy and have been able to wake up earlier and stay up later. I have to pee a couple times an hour, and when I'm active, a small amount has started to leak. That never happened in my last pregnancy! I've had heart burn a couple times, both episodes at night. My body aches, especially in my hips and the lowest part of my back. My feet aren't too swollen, but my face is. I still have the acne that developed a few months ago. The acne and facial swelling make me feel pretty gross.

I'm trying to focus on enjoying the pregnancy because I don't plan on being pregnant again. It's challenging most of the time. I'm looking forward to having our little one and having the pregnancy behind me!

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