Wednesday, August 24, 2011

28 Week Ultrasound

I had a great appointment today. My ultrasound was done to check on the growth of the little one and to check on the placenta. Well, she's growing perfectly! As of today, she weighs 2 pounds, 14 ounces. Things looked so good that I was told I don't even have to do the 34 week check-up. I'm very pleased with the news.

I thought Baby Girl had flipped already because I'd started to feel some movement high up in my belly instead of really low, as I had been. Turns out, I was wrong. She's still breech! Her butt is down, but her legs are bent up completely in front of her. During the ultrasound, she kept playing with her feet and toes. She still has a few weeks to flip. If she hasn't flipped by my next midwife appointment in a couple weeks, I think she might do some techniques to get her to move head down. In the meantime, I'm told it's totally normal for this stage of the pregnancy.

Here's a shot of her face, which was hard to get since it was obstructed with her legs and hands:

And here's a shot of her long, stretched-out legs:

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