Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dinosaur Ridge

My parents took Andrew, Oliver and me to Dinosaur Ridge today. It's a free exhibit about five miles from our home that features real dinosaur footprints and bones. For $4 a person, you can take a bus instead of hiking up the foothills, and you get a tour for the money, too. We decided just to walk and save our money, but we only walked as far as the footprints. It was hot and sunny!

We arrived at Dinosaur Ridge, and Oliver was delighted to see his stroller. He doesn't ride in it very often, but he loves it.

Hiking from the Visitors' Center to the exhibit:

Oliver fell asleep on the short (half mile) hike:

Dinosaur tracks! The large ones are from an iguanodon, and the small ones are either deom a gallimimus or ornithomimus.

I think Oliver was a little too young to enjoy Dinosaur Ridge. I want to go back when he's four or five to see more. There were a lot of kids around that age who seemed to enjoy it.

After Dinosaur Ridge, my parents decided to treat us to ice cream to cool off. Andrew & Oliver wore matching outfits!

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