Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oliver's gotten quite good at easing himself out of a sit and onto the floor. Consequently, I've stopped worrying so much about plopping him down on the hard floor when I'm doing dishes and laundry.

Last night and this morning, though, he took a spill! Last night, I sat Oliver on the floor, peeled a nectarine, and gave it to him to gnaw on. He had a grand time with it. Then, he leaned forward and fell onto his face! I went to scoop him up, and he was sobbing like crazy. It had to hurt. Between Andrew and me, we were able to calm him before long. I decided the floor must have been slippery from the nectarine juices.

This morning, he was playing with his toys on the floor as I emptied and loaded the dishwasher. I saw him lean forward and then fall down again. This time, he didn't smack his face, but he still cried hard. I soothed him and played with him. I even called the wambulance ( That's when I noticed a little bump on his upper lip. There was a little cut. I'm not sure if it was from last night's fall or this morning's fall, but he definitely bit his upper lip. Poor little man.

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