Thursday, July 29, 2010

He's Getting Places!

Oliver is getting so good at "crawling." He doesn't actually crawl, but he grabs the carpet and pulls himself forward. He's fast as lightning!

A couple days ago, Andrew was taking a shower. He'd set Oliver in his room with some toys and stepped into the attached bathroom. A few minutes later, he noticed Oliver sounded close by. He peeked behind the shower curtain, and there was Ollie Bear! He "crawled" to his daddy!

Yesterday morning, the same thing happened to me (although I was kind of expecting it after Andrew's experience). I plopped Oliver on his floor and gave him his drums. I stepped into the shower. Literally, it was less than a minute later when I peeked around the curtain. Oliver was right there! He smiled at me and looked so proud of himself.

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