Friday, July 30, 2010

Nine Months Ago Today

It was nine months ago today that I got to finally hold my baby Oliver after carrying him in my tummy for nine months. I vividly recall all the emotion I felt at the hospital. I bonded instantly to him! I also recall the challenges of bringing a newborn baby home for the first time. Mr. Oliver wanted to be held at all times! He was completely dependent on us for everything.

Now, Oliver still wants to be held most of the time, but we can also plop him on the floor when we do laundry, dishes, or take a shower. Oliver's proto-crawling, and when I hold him upright by the waist, he walks. He babbles a lot, and his current favorite sounds are "Buh," "puh," "Baa," "Wuh," and "Ahh." He still clicks in response to our clicks and sometimes coughs in response to our coughs. Also, he still pats the table when we pat it.

His sleep schedule has gotten a little worse, I think from all the traveling (this month, we've been to Cape Cod and Chicago). We're house-sitting this week, but after that, we're going to stay at home in our own bed and crib for a long time. Oliver now goes to bed at 6:30pm, wakes once at about 2am, and then gets up for the day at 5:30am. Many nights recently, he's been getting up around 10pm or midnight and refuses to go back to bed until Andrew walks him around.

Oliver's napping had gotten much, much worse for a while. There were a few days when he only napped once for about 40 minutes! Once I realized the problem was me trying to lift him up into his crib, I remedied the situation by putting his mattress on the floor, and he's been napping well ever since.

Another change this month has been a big increase in Oliver's separation anxiety. Oliver clings to my clothes when people try to pick him up. If I'm nearby and someone else is holding him, he sobs and sobs and sobs until I go get him. If I'm not around, he does OK with other people. This makes it a little embarrassing because someone will be holding him, playing with him, having a good time, and then I walk into the room, Oliver sees me, and cries! Also, Oliver's definitely a bit shy. He often burrows his head into my shoulder or Andrew's shoulder when other people tell him hi.

People who meet Oliver point out how observant he is, how much he loves his momma, how big his eyes are, how many teeth he has (6), and how happy he is. They sometimes also mention how tall he is and how chubby his thighs are.

Oliver is still nursing every 3-4 hours, but he gets distracted easily and doesn't drink as much. He eats solids three times a day (although he doesn't eat much for breakfast) and drinks a little water throughout the day, too.

Oliver has been working hard recently on climbing over some easy obstacles. He tries hard to pull himself up to a stand but hasn't done so yet. It's also still rare for him to pull himself into a sit, but he does it occasionally.

Oliver's Likes:
*Being held by Mommy
*Seeing Daddy when he comes home from work
*Knocking down the rattle tower
*Examining objects, especially buckles, belts, and purses
*Cell phones (I don't let him "talk" into them because of the radiation, but he likes chewing on phones that are turned off).
*Clicking at people
*Singing, "aaaaaiiiieeeee."
*Trying to grab water that's in a cup or bucket
*His pinwheel
*Unfolding laundry
*Unfastening his cloth diapers, even through his clothes sometimes

Oliver's dislikes
*Not being held by Mommy when other people are around
*The car seat we rented in Chicago
*Mommy leaving the room
*Riding in the car for more than 15 minutes
*Getting his diaper changed

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