Sunday, July 11, 2010

Splash Pool

I went to Babies R Us today and saw a splash pool for $6! It had Oliver's name written all over it. At Target, I picked up a small coil hose to be able to fill the pool, and then I took my purchases to my parents' house, where I was going to be for the morning.

I filled the pool, stripped the baby down, and sat him in it. Three seconds later, said baby was red-faced and screaming. I plucked him out and decided he must hate the cool water. So, I pushed the little pool out into the sun and decided to let it warm up all afternoon.

After the Rockies game, my mom grabbed some bath toys for Oliver. I stripped him down again and set him in the (now warm) pool water. Oliver was good for about half a minute, but then he resumed his crying. Apparently, my little man is not a fan of his little pool.


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