Friday, July 22, 2016

Evergreen Park

Through all of our recent playground adventures, I learned a new term: pocket park. Apparently, a small and easily accessible park is called a pocket park, and that's how I'd describe Evergreen Park in Des Moines. It's in the middle of a residential area, but easy to see and get to from the main road (Evergreen Avenue).

It's not very big, but it's quite nice for what it is. The ground is padded, and there are plenty of things for kids to climb on.

This isn't the first park I'd head to if I had toddlers in tow. It's good for elementary school kids who like to climb, although its small size probably doesn't lend itself to a group of big kids, either. I think I'd be thrilled to have this park in our own neighborhood, but it's probably not worth a long drive just to play at this park.

Google map to find the park:

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