Thursday, July 14, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Lakeview Park

We're nearly done with our Urbandale Parks Challenge. Lakeview Park is our 31st Park, and so we have just one left after this! Lakeview Park has a trail that goes in a loop around a small lake. It branches off connecting to the sidewalk along Aurora Ave, the neighborhood behind the lake, and to the local middle school (where we parked).

As we drove by, we saw a sculpture on the west side. We walked about halfway around the lake, along the east side, and we never found the playground. It must be on the west, but away from the main road.

The kids were happy to play on the oversized Adirondack chairs that make the rounds to different Urbandale Parks. They love it when we find them! And these ones came with beautiful views of the lake.

Along the lake is an open-air shelter with a unique, modern design. I snapped a picture because it looked like a great spot to have a picnic. The shelter is first-come, first-serve (no reservations taken).

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