Sunday, July 10, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Sylvan Ridge Park

We're getting close to the end of our parks challenge. I admit, I find myself longing for a rainy day now as an excuse to not go driving around town, but I can't give up now! That's probably why this challenge really is so great. It gets us out of the house! Sylvan Ridge Park is park number 25 out of 32 in our Urbandale Parks Challenge. Seven more to go!

Almost all of these pictures are of Jo. Oliver told me he's tired of pictures. Ha, poor kid.

Sylvan Ridge has better than average playground equipment, in my opinion, and a huge area for running and playing. A downside to the park is, while we were there, there were a lot of wasps on one end of the playground. I was a bit nervous with so many flying around, but, thankfully, none of us got stung (so maybe I'm just a worrywart).

OK, so now it's time for me to cover another important detail about this park. It has a Pokestop and a gym. My family is hooked, and we've been playing it on Andrew's phone. So, let's just say we spent a lot of extra time at this park to find Pokemon and gather up more Pokeballs.

Funny story about this Pokemon gym:

When we first arrived, it was blue. We're red, of course, because that's the kids' favorite color. So, Andrew and Oliver set out to battle. Right as they were won, a teen rode up on his bike and stopped near a picnic table and pulled out his phone. He battled and turned it back to blue. Oliver and Andrew battled again and turned it back to red. The kid looked around, a little surprised that someone was playing along with him. He saw us, and then he hopped on his bike and left. Just then, another teen rode up on his bike. He turned the gym to yellow! Andrew and Oliver decided to do one more battle before we left. Then, as we were leaving, we saw the previous kid ride up on his bike again. We assumed they were going to continue battling over blue & yellow. So, if you're a PokemonGo fan, this park seemed to have a very active gym!

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