Monday, July 25, 2016

Sargent Park

Have you ever seen such a stunning park? I was floored when we arrived at Sargent Park. We came here to play in the creek, and we found this beautiful playground, designed as a natural playscape.

Before the kids got too settled into the playground, we went down to the creek to explore. There is access to Fourmile Creek just a short trot down the path from the playground.

The kids trampled through the rocks and thoroughly explored that section of creek. I felt like I was raising them to be true Iowans because everyone here I talk to says they grew up playing in creeks. Well, here are my kids, playing in the creek.

Then we went back up to the natural playscape. The kids crossed over a rope bridge. We saw a sand pit down below, so bring your buckets!

There was a really good, steep, fun slide there. Jo was too afraid to try it out, but Oliver loved it! It's narrow enough that kids can slow themselves down, but they can also get their bottoms wet and go shooting down this slide! Loads of fun.

Here are more pictures of their favorite feature of the park: the water fountain.

That's my husband in the background, looking for Pokemon. There weren't many Pokemon at this park, but there were two Pokestops close to the playground.

In the background of this video I took, you can see the open-air shelter. There's also a building on the other side of the bridge that has restrooms.

A log tunnel:

We just loved this park. I have to say, it is worth driving out to Sargent Park from other parts of Des Moines, seriously. We live on the west side of the city, so it was quite the hike for us. WORTH IT.

Just a heads up. A lot of maps are taking people to the wrong address for Sargent Park. It's on east Douglas, on the east side of the city, not up in Beaverdale.

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