Thursday, July 14, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Sunflower Park (30 Parks Down, 2 to go!)

Sunflower Park is a forested area north of Douglas Ave, off of 92nd Drive, and it has a trail that follows along North Walnut Creek. You can find the trail head near the dead end of 92nd Dr. 

We took a funny picture by the warning sign at the trail head. I asked the kids to look scared! But even though we were playing around, the warning was serious. More on that in a second!

It's clear that you can't access the creek on the waterfall side. I tried to get a picture to show the creek after the little waterfall (below). It does look shallow and slow, but there are fallen trees all over the place. So, this might not be the best park to use for creek access.

We walked up to the first bend of the trail, and I started to hear a creaking noise.

I looked over, and there was a tree that had roots pulled from the ground a bit. It was leaning, and I worried it could fall. With all the trees that had fallen over the creek, the warning side at the trail head made sense! I didn't take a picture of the tree (maybe I should have). Instead, I just told the kiddos we were ready to move on to our next park.

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