Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good Park

We finally took the time to check out Good Park. I've been meaning to get there because it's located not too far from us in central Des Moines, and it's easy to get to (on the corner of University & Keo Way). 

The kids get so excited when we go to a splash park. This one had no other people playing when we arrived. When they were little, I loved quiet parks where I didn't have to worry about them getting knocked down. Now that they're bigger, I like busier parks so they can socialize and play. 

It's a small splash pad, but a good one! The kids pushed the button to start it up and then ran around like mad.

There's a pavilion with shaded picnic tables right next to the splash pad, so Andrew and I could relax while we watched the kids play. Below is the view from the pavilion, looking out toward University.

There's also a playground at the park, although we didn't go check it out today. It looked like it had a good jungle gym to climb. It also looked clean and well maintained, but one of my friends stopped there once and said there was broken glass. So, I'm not sure if we had an abnormally good visit, or if she had an abnormally bad visit. I can say we enjoyed this park and will definitely be back to use the splash pad again!

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