Sunday, July 10, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Lynner Woods

Lynner Woods is the 24th park in our Urbandale Parks Challenge. We're officially counting down now!

We found Lynner Woods fairly easily with the address of 72nd and Hickory Lane in Urbandale. Unfortunately, what we didn't see is that there's a trail! Near the Hickory Lane end of the wood, there really is just a bench for sitting--no visible access into the woods. We incorrectly assumed it was just a preserve then, and so we went back to the car to find another park!

After getting back home, I pulled up Google Earth and examined the area better. As it turns out, if you turn right onto Hickory Lane, then left on 71st Street, there is a short trail that leads from the dead end there into the woods.

I wish we'd found the trail while we were there. I love walking through trees, so we might need to make another stop there sometime.

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