Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stone Park

Stone Park is home to the Pioneer Columbus Community Center. They host a few events and activities there, but this was actually our first visit. We stopped by on our way home from the kids' swimming lessons, and I thought it was just a playground. Not so! They also have a wading pool. It's a good thing they had their suits!

As you'll see in a few of these pictures, there's a lot of construction being done at the park. I'll have to
come back next summer to see what all has changed! But for now, this is how the park looks.

There's a big field, and there's also a smallish basketball court.

A small shelter by the wading pool:

The wading pool really is a good size! It's shallow, of course, but there was plenty of room for a group of kids to play. While we were there, it was just Oliver and Jo. I think this wading pool would be good for toddlers since it's less than a foot deep, and they'd have plenty of room to play without getting trampled by other kids.

Stone Park is located on the south side of Des Moines, just off of Indianola. Parking is by the community center off SE 5th Street.

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