Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thankfully, Oliver is almost over his cold. He's been stuffy and waking up a lot in the middle of the night. Last night, he finally went back to his old routine of one middle-of-the-night feeding. It was just in time, too, as I was getting very tired and irritable from lack of sleep. Seriously, I was down to about 4 hours a night for the last few days!

We've been casually working on a few minor problems. Andrew's been giving Ollie a bottle of expressed breast milk almost every day in hopes of re-teaching him how to drink from the bottle. He's latched on to the bottle three times and drank about half an ounce each time before gnawing on the bottle nipple.

Also, thanks to advice from friends, Oliver's getting more tummy time. See, he's supposed to have about 30 minutes of tummy time daily to strengthen his head and neck as well as give him the opportunity to learn to roll over. He hates it, though, and was down to about 30 seconds of tummy time a day. We finally tried putting him on hisbelly on the boppy, and it works much better. He'll lay for a full minute before flipping out!

In other news, I can officially take showers! Oliver likes his bouncy chair well enough that I can put him in it for ten full minutes at a time! When he's in a good mood (post-nap and -feeding), I set the bouncy chair in front of the bathroom door, and I'm able to take a nice shower. Thank goodness!

And, lastly, we took Oliver to the grocery store for the first time this week! On Sunday, I nursed Oliver and then put him in his car seat. He was peeved at first, but by the time we got to Costco, he was asleep. The motion of the cart and the noise of the store kept him asleep. He didn't wake up until we got back to the car (but he did wail the whole way home). I felt a surge of hope. Perhaps I wouldn't be confined at home with him any more! Yesterday, I repeated the process from Sunday. He was asleep when we reached Safeway. We ran in, grabbed some soy sausages and were back in the car before he woke up, crying. Success!

At nearly three months old, Oliver is starting to grow a little more independent. I'm happy he lets us set him down sometimes and lets us sit down while holding him (if only for short periods of time). I'm also so happy to know we can make quick trips to the grocery store and I can take quick showers. Life is starting to get much easier!

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